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  •  If your child's dance education could be more than just a traditional class. 

  • If their dance education experience was filled with enthusiasm, creativity, and innovative programming created to celebrate their uniqueness and foster age-appropriate skills.

  • Your child walking into a classroom filled with passionate and enthusiastic teachers who love what they do and make your child feel special.

  • Your child exploring their creativity, imagination and self-expression.

  • Your child overcoming challenges, developing resilience as they acquire new skills, and achieve milestones. 

  • Your child developing strong character traits that will shape them into compassionate and responsible individuals who make a positive impact on the world around them.

  • At Inner Spark Performing Arts, we prioritize your child's personal growth and artistic expression while building meaningful connections. Our mission: empowering your child to shine brightly and inspire others.

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Let their light SHINE!

Within us lies a radiant glow, illuminating our purpose and path when nurtured. Our innate talents are gifts to the world, empowering us to create and inspire positive change.

InnerSpark embraces the joy and enthusiasm of creative dance classes, where we nurture your child's artistic expression through individual interpretation, imagination, and personal creativity in movement. We create an environment that encourages your dancer to explore their own unique movements, ideas, and emotions, enabling them to express themselves freely and authentically.

In our creative dance classes, improvisation takes center stage, allowing your dancer to spontaneously respond to music, imagery, or prompts (without rigid choreography). This approach fosters self-discovery, body awareness, and the development of gross motor skills in your child. These foundational skills not only contribute to their success in academics but also in dance technique classes and sports.

preschool dance class

Be the Light

So, as you imagine the possibilities, we invite you to join us in fostering a lifelong love of dance for your child. Together, let's inspire their creativity, boost their confidence, and shape their character. At InnerSpark, we invite your child to experience the joy and enthusiasm of creative dance, where they can unleash their imagination and shine through music and movement.  With your support, we can make dance education an extraordinary adventure that will empower your child to become the best version of themselves.

By enrolling your child in an InnerSpark dance program, you are not just choosing a dance class, you are providing your child with an enthusiastic and innovative educational experience. You understand that a high quality education is an investment that provides immeasurable opportunities for personal development and growth. 

What We Do

Our InnerSpark team is made up of passionate educators who believe in the power of play and the importance of early childhood experiences in the arts. Our Spark leaders work with your child's early childhood program site to deliver creative dance classes that are convenient for you and in the safety of an environment already familiar to your child.

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Our Core Values


What We Believe

Growing good humans is part of everything we do at InnerSpark! Our team aspires to build strong character traits in ourselves and the children in our sphere of influence. Our values are the steady compass that put us on the path that God has intended for us. At InnerSpark, faith and family steer everything we do. Optimism, gratitude, and joy fuel our motivation to serve others. Creativity, teamwork, respect, kindness, empathy, and courage are the pathways that give rise to student growth. 

preschool dance teachers

The InnerSpark Team Commitment

*Cultivate courage, growth mindset, and grit in students through intentional and purposeful educational opportunities.

*Encourage Imagination, Discovery, and Curiosity in a fun and engaging environment leading to a love of learning and intellectual curiosity.

*Build self-confidence, courage, and integrity by empowering students and investing time in age-appropriate practices that facilitate personal development.

*Foster teamwork and collaboration because together, everyone achieves more!

*Inspire our students by consistently modeling joy, kindness, and optimism. 

*Demonstrate gratitude for the blessings all around us. 

Home: Our Core Values

Who We Are

At the peak of the global pandemic in October 2021, InnerSpark Performing Arts was founded by Mark and Christie Gonzalez.  Recognizing the challenges faced by working parents to provide high-quality enrichment programs for their very young children, the Gonzalez’ identified the necessity for a unique and fun early childhood dance program, all within the secure environment of preschools, early childhood centers, and childcare facilities.  In 2022, our first partnership with Masterpiece Christian Academy was born.

Mark, a 32 year public school educator, is an proud alumni of UTRGV and currently serves as the head football coach and athletic coordinator at Juarez Lincoln High School in La Joya Independent School  District. Christie is a proud graduate of UTRGV, a former public school educator, and was privileged to serve as a 21st Century grant administrator for IDEA Public Schools where she was named a state ambassador by The Afterschool Alliance. She is currently a member of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the Texas Association for the Education of Young Children (TXAEYC), the National Dance Education Organization (NDEO), is a Discover Dance licensee, was awarded a scholarship for the The Life is Good Playmaker Project’s Playmaker University and is now a certified Playmaker. Christie also holds certifications in Zumbini and Once Upon a Ballet. Christie is currently pursuing the Rhythm Works Integrative Dance certification in order to serve students with special needs, learning differences, and behavioral challenges. 

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